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I have native IPv6

I’m more excited than I should be, but today I noticed that Comcast has enabled IPv6 on my home internet connection. All my devices in the home have picked up one or more Internet routable IPv6 addresses. Here are a few screen shots:

Avoid Bloat Freezer Free

Over a month ago I install “Bloat Freezer Free”, a tool designed to kill of particular services running in the background, such as those installed back your phone manufactor. It seemed to be working fine, but in the last few days I’ve been getting a green star in my notification bar alerting me to “There …

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Android Linux SDK revision 6 aapt library bug

UPDATE – I reported this bug and it was promptly fixed the next day. Read the bug report for solution on how to fix. Android 2.2 just came out and along with it came a updated set of SDK tools. I’ve been using these tools on Windows, but today I took my Linux laptop out …

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Foursquare Rules

Everyone plays foursquare (the location based android/iPhone app) differently. However, there are no offical rules on what venues are acceptable, and when you can and can’t check-in. So I wanted to write down the rules that I play by: 1. You talk about foursquare. 2. You talk about foursquare. 3. When someone is near by …

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